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King of Cool Jimmy Star



AKA: King of Cool
Areas of Expertise: Pop Culture, Fashion, Entertainment, Music, Finance, Promotion, Talent Development
Thinks Cool is: Creating your own happy life doing what you like to do
Last Seen: Running for my life in The Incubus movie
Twitter: @drjimmystar

In Short

Jimmy Star is the namesake of and reigning King of Cool on The Jimmy Star Show. To hear him live tune in to The Jimmy Star Show Wednesdays from 3-5 ET on Radio.

Posted April 22, 2013 by The Jimmy Star Show

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Jimmy Star King of Cool

Jimmy Star King of Cool

Dr. Jimmy Star is the Celebrity Renaissance Man— a fashion, entertainment and media mogul who brings the good times to cool people willing to learn through the myriad of upscale comprehensive products and services of his empire of companies. Dr. Jimmy Star promotes correct thinking about high style and lifestyle based on his 25 years as an executive producer, actor/performer, icon fashion designer, creative and style director, tv/radio commentator, and feature costume designer.

Dr. Jimmy Star thinks normalcy and fitting in is stale, boring, and destructive. He dares the individual to be bold in defining themselves and is a favorite among the recording industries and Hollywood. Dr. Jimmy Star leads by example, combining art, style, thinking and culture as a part of a real modern-day Renaissance and appreciation of being alive!

People stare so make it worth their while

An international celebrity in his own right, his fun, engaging lay-it-on-the-line, and bouncy attitude shine through in all his endeavors to include his avant-garde Jimmy Star Brand fashion, accessories, & home label, his outrageous Beyond Elite Magazine, his unparalleled Jimmy Star Entertainment company, his consulting and training at the Institute for Reality Studies, and now his fun and informative Jimmy Star Show radio talk show!

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